We provide the product feed to your store by creating a special page called pp-facebook

You can check that this page exists and is working by using your store URL and adding /pages/pp-facebook to the end. Please note that Safari browser will not display the code, but what you should see is a text file containing all your store data if you use a compatible browser

What if you do not see anything or get a 404 page?

Firstly, go to your Shopify settings and the online store/pages section. Look for the page pp-facebook.

If the page does not exist, you can create it as per the attached screenshot.

The page title should be pp-facebookThe template (bottom right) should be page.pp-rssThe visibility MUST be visible for online store

If the page DOES exist, please check the visibility is OK for online store

If this is all correct, please check that you have not got any redirects for this page in place

If all is correct, please check that you have set your FEED in the Pixel Perfect dashboard to the standard - products only and 1000

This should resolve any issues you may have with the product feed