These are just a few of the features and benefits you get with using the Pixel Perfect app:

- $50k of app development costs

- The FASTEST Google Cloud servers with the best uptime and fastest Pixel response times there is. We are lightening fast!

- A support site ( with a reference manual and many video tutorials

- a helpdesk

- The Shopify Guy youtube channel with more than 50 youtube videos

- Standard events implemented correctly

- The ability to switch on or off all events

- The ability to select Shipping costs to include or exclude

- Support for Free+Shipping

- Provision of a log of Purchase events to compare and validate against your store

- Support for the ViewCategory event

- Support for Niche data and tagging

- The best product feed in the world

- Open access to product feed code to edit as you wish

- The ability to auto crop/centre product images in your feed

- The ability to host off-site images in your feed

- The ability to use advanced matching if you choose

- ongoing product development including the Pinterest Pixel

- The endorsement and recommendation of the best leaders and marketers in the Shopify ecosphere

That's just a few things. 

It's only when you actually get more advanced and aware of the things you need to market that it starts to make more sense. Unfortunately its quite a complex area and can be really hard to get to grips with, especially for the beginner.